Solar Process Heat and Cooling for Tobacco Processing

This video shows our Fresnel Collector system for solar process heat at JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in Amman, Jordan. This installation was inaugurated in 2017 and generates steam at up to 220°C directly from the sun. The solar steam is used in the production processes of the factory, as well as for the air conditioning via an absorption chiller. The collector system is seamless integrated and has no interference with the existing control of the fuel fired boiler. Due to the installed steam buffer storage the installation even reduces the pressure fluctuations and enhance the reliability within the steam circuit. The system provides around 1280 MWh(th)/year, which is equivalent to 110 tons of oil, and thereby reduces CO2 emissions by 320 tons per year.

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Industrial Solar is a renewable energy and energy efficiency solution provider for industrial clients. The key focus is on solar process heating for which mainly, but not exclusively, Industrial Solar’s own Fresnel collector is implemented. The Fresnel collector is optimized for industrial applications, providing temperatures of up to 400°C and has a long-proven track record. Based on client’s requirements, turn-key solutions like solar power generation, waste heat recovery, absorption chillers as well as consultancy and engineering services are provided.
Industrial Solar has a well-documented track record of national and international projects and has repeatedly been awarded - inter alia with the European Solar Prize 2019.